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Stolen Moment Beauty at Hannah’s Home Studio in Success, Cockburn provides a range of Relaxation Facials and Medi Facials using active, cosmeceutical skin care ranges such as Aspect Skin, Cosmedix, Societe’, PCA Skin and more. The facial treatments available are customised to suit your skin concerns and are suitable for women and men.

Societe Oxygen Facial (55mins) $115
Popular choice – combo of active and relaxation facial. The Oxygen treatment in this facial foams up & delivers a revitalising boost of oxygen into the skin.

Ideal facial to help treat skin impurities, lighten pigmentation, instant hydration boost for your skin; or soften and sanitise the skin before extractions, peels or microdermabrasion treatments.

Suitable for most skin types including during pregnancy and breastfeeding
PCA Oxygen Facial (55min) $115
Popular choice – combo of active and relaxation facial. Get your glow back with this antioxidant, 3 step treatment to stimulate oxygenation and circulation within the skin.

This facial helps rejuvenate sluggish, dehydrated, stressed/inflamed skin resulting in a radiant, healthy glow.

Not suitable if allergic to aspirin (salicylates)
Oxyfusion Serum Infusion Facial (55 mins) $115
Perfect hydration boost for special occasions!

Your therapist will use an applicator to glide an oxygen bubble over the skin until the Intraceutical Rejuvenate serum is fully infused into the skin. This serum transforms the way your skin looks by deeply hydrating, lifting and toning while reducing the appearance of fine lines to reveal radiant, younger looking skin.

Enzyme Therapy Facial (55min) $115
A revitalising facial filled with peptides and enzymes!

Enzyme Therapy Facial includes a specially formulated tightening mask applied to your face and neck. Working with your circulatory system it creates a reverse osmosis to help remove toxins and increase blood flow to the treatment area.
Cosmedix Sculpted Enzyme Mask Facial (55mins) $140
Ideal facial to treat dryness, congestion or build up of dead skin cells.

Includes a revitalising peel-off mask packed with enzymes to exfoliate away impurities, give your skin a hydration boost and help promote firmer complexion.
Detox Medi Facial (70 mins) $145
Deep cleansing, detoxifying Medi facial suitable for men or women suffering from breakouts or impure, clogged and congested skin.

Includes either up to 10 minutes of extractions or microdermabrasion treatment, plus exfoliation treatment and mask treatment selected to help target your skin concerns.

Deluxe Customised Facial (55mins) $115
Relax & enjoy some pampering with a Bespoke Facial customised to target your skin concerns.

Includes double cleanse, exfoliation, facial mask, décolletage and hand/arm massage, and finishing products.
Aspect Medi Facial (55min) $115
Perfect pick-me-up facial for dehydrated, tired and lifeless skin.

Relaxation Facial with a customised infusion mask prepared from Vitamin C, Brightening and/or Purifying concentrates.
LED Light Therapy Facial (55 Mins) $115
Just lay back, relax and enjoy the benefits to your skin!

This facial includes 10 minutes of LED light therapy, a non-invasive treatment using colours from the visible light spectrum to help promote balance and healing in your skin. Depending on the colour selected, LED light therapy can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, inflammation and acne; promote collagen production and skin rejuvenation.
LED light therapy facial at Stolen Moment Beauty

55 minute Facial – choose at appointment (55 mins) from $115
Not sure what type of facial you would like? Let your therapist select for you!

Book in for a 55 min facial appointment and let your therapist select the best facial for your skin concerns.
70 minute Facial – choose at appointment (70 mins) from $145
Not sure what type of facial you would like and wanting a bit more? Let your therapist select for you!

Book in for a 70 min facial appointment and let your therapist recommend the best facial for your skin concerns, which may include add-on treatment enhancements or upgrades such as microdermabrasion, specialised masks, combination of masks, LED therapy and more.
Add-on Treatment Enhancements (from 10 mins) from $30
Revive and rejuvenate you skin with an extra boost!

Sometimes your skin can benefit from an add-on treatment enhancement, such as a specialised masks for instant hydration, microdermabrasion to remove the top layer of dead skin cells for smoother and softer skin, LED therapy to help calm and soothe, oxygen treatment, and more.

If required your therapist may suggest an add-on treatment enhancement to your facial at the appointment or you can include when booking online.

Do you enjoy a relaxation facial that includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, specialised mask with some pampering decolletage, face and/or hand massage? Or are you looking for a more active Medi Facial to target your skin concerns such as breakouts, acne, sensitivity, dehydration, pigmentation or skin discolouration? Or would you prefer a combination of the both active and relaxation?

Some choices available are our Deluxe Customised Facial, LED light therapy Facial, Hydrating Medi Facial, Enzyme Therapy Facial, Microdermabrasion Facial, Oxygen Treatment Facials and more. See above for more details on Facials available at Stolen Moment Beauty or chat to your Therapist for options.

Relaxation Facial + Medi Facials at Stolen Moment Beauty, Success Cockburn WA