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SHR IPL Hair Removal for Men

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SHR IPL Hair reduction for men

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SHR IPL Hair Removal now available at Stolen Moment Beauty!

Permanent Hair Reduction

Revolutionary technology – Pain free – Fast – Safe – Suitable for women & men

Feel reassured!  Our SHR IPL machine is a TGA, Medical CE & FDA approved machine (Australia, Europe & USA standards). 

What is SHR?

SHR is acronym for “Super Hair Removal”. 

SHR is revolutionary “In Motion” technology in permanent hair reduction – a much safer and faster method than traditional IPL and Laser treatment.  The “in motion” technology gently warms the skin and penetrates the energy down to the hair follicles at cooler temperatures than traditional IPL treatments.  50% is transported to the hair root through short pulses of energy via the melanin in the hair follicle and 50% from ‘in motion’ technology using multiple shots at low joules (low joules energy with higher rate of repetition).


The cooler temperatures of this “revolutionary technology” help make this a safer, pain free method of hair reduction


You may experience some tingling or warming sensation as the SHR arm is passed over treatment areas, but most of our clients say it is an unusually “relaxing experience”!


SHR IPL machine used at Stolen Moment Beauty, Beauty Salon & Day Spa in East Victoria Park, Perth WA is TGA, Medical CE & FDA approved.


Who can have SHR hair reduction treatments?

SHR hair reduction is suitable for both men and women.

SHR hair reduction can be done anytime during the year, and is suitable for most skin & hair colour types

  • from fair to dark skin; (Fitzpatrick Skin types 1-5)
  • fair hair, and
  • tanned skin!

Please tell your therapist during the consultation of your tanning practices. 

After care sun exposure still recommended following treatments.


How many SHR treatments are needed?


The number of treatments required varies for treatments areas for each person.  This will be discussed with your during your consultation appointment. For best results a minimum of 6-10 treatments is recommended for each treatment area at intervals of initially every

* 2 weeks for treatments on face, and

* 4 weeks for treatments on body.

More details will be provided at your consultation regarding treatments sessions and maintenance plan, plus pre and post care for each session.

Treatment Area Single Treatment

Retail Price

 Single Treatment price for

‘Buy 5 & get 6th Free’ Package

Back of Neck $95  $79
Chest or Stomach $180  $150
Chest & Stomach $280  $233
Upper or Lower Back $180  $150
Full Back & Shoulders $320  $267
Half Arm $200  $167
Full Arm $250  $208
Full Leg  $330  $275
Shaving* per 15min  $30  $25

– Buy 5 full price treatments of one item  upfront & 6th treatment is free!

Buy any two (2) items together & get 10% off the item of a lesser value.

– For best results a minimum of six treatments is recommended per treatment area at intervals of initially every 2 weeks for face and every 4 weeks for  treatments on body.  More details are provided at your consultation.

– For other areas not listed above, please contact us for a quote on 9355 2937 or send us an email.

– Prices are based on a set length of appointment time per treatment. If a longer appointment is required, additional charges may apply.

– If required, shaving charge can apply tor men & women, but no charge for spot shaving.


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